Latest photography

  • Stata Center, MA


“The portrait session with Lisa was a watershed event for me. Up to that point, I’d always avoided being photographed. I’d feared the process and hated the results. But with Lisa, the process was a pleasure. She convinced me that I didn’t need to hold awkward poses or pretend to be something I wasn’t. She helped me relax and get playful. She drew me out and kept me focused on everything but the camera. My comfort with the process translated into photos that feel like me but look better. And those are results I actually love.” -Roxane W.


“I tend to be extremely vain and deeply critical of how I look.  Generally speaking in the past when I’ve had my picture taken, whatever I was feeling at the moment wasn’t conveyed and to my own harsh I, never looked good.  With Lisa it was different somehow. When you work with Lisa, your fears and insecurities melt away, you start to smile naturally and laugh easily.  She captures that easy grace and poise you never knew you had.” – Greg M.


“Lisa is a great photographer to work with. Not only is she professional, with a great eye for her clients and surroundings, she also goes out of her way to put them at ease. During her sessions, she works with her clients to not only get the pictures they want, but uses her skills to make sure they’re the best possible pictures.” – Mike K.